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Радо Олрат - проучване, проектиране, строителство
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About The Company

"RADO OLRAT" LTD - Sofia is a subsidiary of "RADO OLRAT" ET company,which was incorpurated  in 1990. During the last  25 years it has specialazed in the sphere of construction and building projects on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
"RADO OLRAT" LTD has been successful in the research, project design development of:
  • home and public buildings;
  • Road construction and rapairs;
  • Water and sewerage pipeline sistems;
  • Engeneering equipment;
  • Vertical design;
  • Restoration works;
  • Metal reinforcements;

"RADO OLRAT" LTD  is known for the simultaneus application of traditional and modern tehnologies. the high quality standarts of the complimated construction works are direct result professionalism and extensive experience of the specialists.



Metal reinforcements
Private buildings
Bridges and related constructions
Water supply and sewage systems


Project designs
Interior design
Exterior design